I’ve been to the country club concert yesterday. It just gets you out of the real bad mood you’re in when you’re in a department like mine. I met a couple of my 104 fellow renegades. We just couldn’t help it but to think what would happen if our 104 traditionalist classmates were there too at the party. I’ll leave that to your imagination once you know who sang at the party – though I don’t think it makes that difference…
Dolly Chahine
 She was a real babe but she didn’t stay for long….everyone kept moving to the stage trying to get closer to get a closer look at her…. they were all trying to take pictures of her. I was among those who got a little bit close but not so close… she didn’t stay for long.. I think they told her to go early otherwise the whole stage would have been broken or something by the very large sum of people who wear getting near the stage !

Mohamed El Maghraby

who’s this guy…I’ve never heard of him before….I think it’s just me because my friends knew him – thanks 104 for giving me the chance to not know him. He started with "Bonne Soire" and ended with "Tosbe7oon 3ala Khayr".  Anyways he had a bad start with a song I don’t know but then he got much better as he started singing his song "Sahran Ma’aki El Leila". Thank god I recognized a song of his…then he sang for Adaweyya which is a good recipe for a lot of people to really party !
He finished with Cheb Khaled’s marvel "Aicha". I happen to love that song.. it’s the kind of song that really makes me regret or even be made at not speaking french (I studied it at school for over 6 years)!
Oops, his name is Ahmed ElSherif. You see? I don’t really know him !
Rola Sa’ad
 Different in many aspects if compared to Dolly Chahine, she’s still a real hot babe. Her voice was awful but she had many other talents. I know about belly dancing but I think they should register Back or As* dancing to her. Anyways, she looked great and I really enjoyed my time.
I’ve had enough when he came besides I don’t like him much. To be fair he looked great but I was just talking with friends when he came.
Naah, he wasn’t there in person but they all sang his great songs….These songs really rocked the place !
It was a real nice party and I loved it. I simply can’t wait for next Thursday’s party. Elissa and WAMA.
They are coming for me, it’s my birthday – I simply love the idea that they’ll just be there for my birthday. By they I do mean Elissa. Birthday or not, she‘s all I’m gonna care about then !
Have a nice time
Note: to those who’re thinking what the hell is this guy talking about and what is 104…. it’s my prison….err….I mean my class since year 1 at college !