Agile(adj.): quick, fast, lively.
A couple of days ago I started training at eSpace. The first couple of days we talked about Software Process (Actually I’m still in these first couple of days). They’re encouraging Agile Software Development. Actually that was a brand new topic to me. It just affects how you think when you’re making software. They also encourage Extreme Programming.
All these stuff are totally new to me. I haven’t tried them yet. Just reading about these stuff so that I can really understand how they make software. I guess it’s a fun thing. Everyone there is helping out wanting us – the trainees – to gain their experience and know about something we really didn’t even know it existed. Soon we’ll be assigned some tasks and we should apply that methodology. Hope it really works as good as they’re promoting it 🙂
I’ve provided some links above fot these topic on Wikipedia. Actually we also are reading a couple of books. Some of them are real fun books. Easy to comprehend and apparently practical. These books include Joel On Software, Ship It! and Practices of an Agile Developer.
All these books are written by young experienced developers willing to share their experience with others and make things better for them. I would recommend such books 🙂