I just happen to be a big fan of the Windows Live range of different services. I use Messenger, Mail , Mail Desktop, Toolbar and the just released Writer.

Anyways to be specific I have a couple of comments about Desktop Applications:

  1. I just happen to hate that in Start–>All Programs Menu there is a bunch of shortcuts stacked on top of each other name as Windows Live this and Windows Live that. Well, I think this is a usability issue. It’s just confusing. I’d recommend grouping all these different applications into one folder named Windows Live and under that folder we find shortcuts name Messenger, Mail, Writer and so on.
  2. The SignIn experience is horrible. How many times do I have to sign in to get all my applications running – I’m not talking about saving my username and password in every single application as these applications are supposed to be well integrated together. Let’s count them, Messenger, Mail, Favorites…. It’s just too much. I think if I sign in in one of these application all the other should be automatically signed in using this ID I used.
  3. Wouldn’t a Windows Live icon in the taskbar be a great thing where from it I get access to all Windows Live Applications and do the sign in from there?

These are just things I think will improve the overall experience of those like me who heavily use various Windows Live Services. Hope Someone from WL Team comes across this post !!!!