From the point of view of FolderShare being a Windows Live service I think It should completely replace the Windows Live Messenger Sharing Folders. Although the idea behind Sharing Folders is great I think it fails big time when it comes to sharing the same content with multiple users. It just forces me to create duplicates of these files which is a real bad thing. FolderShare on the other hand allows sharing the same stuff with any number of users and to put them anywhere on the user’s pc.

Looking at FolderShare as an independent program it simply rocks. It’s so great as it allows you to Find, Access and Share your files anywhere.

Some scenarios that I like

  1. Keeping "chosen" folders synchronized between my various computers (i.e. work and home)

  2. Sharing Folders between multiple users. Here it gives each user some rights such as reader, owner, contributor.

  3. Access files on one of your computers from a totally remote location.

These are the 3 scenarios I user and simply adore their simplicity and efficiency. I just wanted you guys about this great piece of software. You may someday fall into one of these scenarios but now you know the right answer !