it’s a real feature I find so useful but not that many people care or use it right !
When you create a Windows Live Profile you enter 3 types of details; General, Contact Info and Social. Every section of these details have viewing permissions i.e. you can set who’s allowed to see which part. You can set it to anyone, messenger contacts or even choose certain contacts. It’s a great feature for keeping an updated address book. When you subscribe to some user’s profile whenever it’s updated you’re alerted and you get the new info immediately.

It’s a great thing when you think about it. You can synhcronize your computer/mobile phone address book with Windows Live Contacts and this way whenever one of your contacts changes his phone or email your address book is automatically updated and everything goes just fine !!!

So my call is, people please set your correct details in your Windows Live Profile and set your permissions right.

Have a nice day !

Note: To enter your Windows Live Profile details you can do the following

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Under Settings you’ll find a "Manage your shared profile", click on it and enter your details 🙂

If you have a Windows Live Space you can use it directly to edit your profile.