It’s school time again and today it just started. Back to serving the penalty in the 104 prison..err…class. It’s just the wrong place to be. They sometimes say the right xx at wrong time but with this class being in it was, is and will always be the wrong thing to do.

I did like the title of my last post as I saw it really relevant to 104 cell where I’ll be doing my time with the fellow inmates. What really scares me is that some of these inmates don’t find 104 the prison I"m finding it and don’t think of themselves as prisoners. They need someone to enlight them and to tell them the truth.

Anyways, I wish I could come up with a genious plan like the one Michael Scoffield – of Prison Break – came up with to get away from that prison unharmed. He did manage to get out of the prison but it’s still hunting him…. I wish to end my story with no tails or open doors.

God. please be with me for the next few months for I’ll be the happiest person on earth just to leave that place – I should be happier about graduating but that’s the way I feel !!!!