Join Second Life for a "new life" experience. I sound alot like advertising 🙂
Actually I haven’t tried it yet but I’m about to. I only wanted to let you, people, know about it.
Here’s more info about it from Neowin. Have Fun !!

For those of you who have never heard of Second Life before, Second Life is a 3D, computer generated world where users buy land, create buildings, build up the land, buy clothing and other accessories, and overall live out a parallel life inside the game. On an average day, Second Life users spend about 跾,000 real world U.S. dollars in the game, and about 财 million a year. That’s alot of dough, and companies including Reuters, CNET, Sony BMG, Sun Microsystems, even Toyota and Reebok and other big names from around the globe are buying into the pie. Entire conferences are held inside Second Life these days, Vivox a VoIP company is even offering "one million" free VoIP minutes inside Second Life through in-game phone booths where you can call actual phones and mobiles.

Yup, Second Life is that big these days. The Linden Lab game has around 900,000 users, and continues to grow. Users can join the marketplace, and use a USD to Linden Dollars conversion to buy property, land, clothing and other things, and even make money off transactions in the game and from other activities. There are even "adult" areas of the game, with nude clubs, casinos and other adult oriented themes. Anyone can register for free, but to get the most out of the game world, you would eventually have to spend some money for whatever. Names are also limited for free users, and pay users, including these big companies will soon have the chance to pay to get real names in the game, for a 贄 setup fee and โ a year service charge. Companies will pay alot more of course. But they are lining up, as game growth continues to be in the double digits every month