It’s just a bad thing when you come to the discover that all you’ve been doing for a real long time is useless or just brought you pain or unhappiness. Imagine that this real long time is almost 4 years. The 4 years I spent in college. Now I can say they were almost useless. In addition to some more reasons they’ve brought me nothing but stress and depression.
I really liked what I was going to study 4 years ago but now….well, I know better !!!
It’s not that bad picture. It’s just that everything one thought was important and that when he learns it he’ll be a better person… or be more ready for the real world…. well they managed to ruin it and they ruined it real well.
Actually, it’s not studying or working that I’m worried about right now as I think I’ll be able – isA – to tackle these. It’s my life that I’m really worried about. Many of my friends had troubles and they were affected deeply. Comine these types of real disturbing social troubles with the kind of college I’m in right now. You got it right now, I feel like a total wreck.
A bigger problem is when I think about it now and realize how many things were done the wrong way, I really don’t know if I had some sort of a time maching to restart all this, I really don’t think I’d have done anything in a different way….As I already said, I like what I was supposed to learn – at least most of it – it’s just everything that was supposed to be good was done in the wrong way and it got even worse !
What the hell am I trying to tell with this post?
Nothing I think. If you’re having bad time too, may be it’ll help to know that not all people are happy and may be you’ll find you’re in a better situation than I am 🙂
If you’re not, well sorry for bringing this up right now, but I really had to tell what I’m feeling.
I wanted to post something to this blog as I haven’t done that in almost a month and I really didn’t know what to talk about. It’s not what I wanted as a comeback but…You don’t always get everything you want.
I really need to cheer up !