On a fine Thursday night I got the following info from a really unexpected source. Even when I met that souce I never would have expected that kind of info. Anyways, here’s some info about yourself. You have:

  • 206 bones
  • 640 muscles
  • 32 teeth
  • 12 pairs of ribs in the Rib Cage
  • The Eleventh and Twelveth pairs are not attached to the verteberal column, they’re known as the floating ribs
  • Heart has 4 chambers
  • Vertebral Column has 33 vertebrae.

I tried to make sure that these info are right so I checked at my beloved Wikipedia. Check it yourself for more info

Other info that I either couldn’t remember or make sure they were right are

  1. Thickest and Thinnest Skin
  2. Strongest bone
  3. Strongest Muscle

If you happen to know about these stuff, please tell me about. Hope you now know something that you didn’t know before you read this.