Well, it’s been really a long time since I posted anything but I guess every once and a while I can make use of a post. Anyway, I just wanted to shed some light on a couple of things:

  1. A story written by my friend Ahmed Nasser. I think it’s a really good story, it’s got the depth and the style. Take a loot at it here
  2. A real fine post by my friend Ahmed Sonbol summing how I’m feeling. Check it here

And as I’m posting this after feeling real down, actually not that down but still, I’d just like to say FUCK CSD. Sorry guys, I just wanted to record this. It’s not the field, not the career, it’s just the people, simply the worst. I just don’t know how are these people allowed to live and breathe our air. The problem is that they don’t just make you curse them, they force you to simply hate your life.