I miss you so much. Although it’s been only a couple of days since I last saw you, it feels like forever. You were always there when I needed you. Whenever I needed something to get through a rough day, you always stood there for me. In my happiness and sorrow, I always found comfort in what you had to offer.

Day 0
It was so natural for me to always head to you and although I know you weren’t there, my mind and body always directed me towards you but only to remember that I won’t find you. This was a real tough day and I’m glad I survived it.

Day 1
I was so busy that day but whenever I was alone and left to my dark thoughts, I kept thinking how much I miss you, how much I need you, how impatient I am.

Day 2
It was expected you’d be back by day 1 but to my very bad luck you didn’t show up. They told me you might be back by today but here I am leaving my work and writing about you…