Yesterday, IE 8 Beta 1 has been released in accordance with MIX08. Microsoft also released the awaited update of Silverlight, Silverlight 2.0. I haven’t check Silverlight 2.0 yet but the features list looks very promising for an RIA platform.
I just wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts about IE8
  1. I like how the domain name emphasized in the address bar to prevent phishing attacks
  2. For me, I’ve fell in love with developing web apps using firefox only because of firebug. Firebug rocks. I’m glad to see MS addressing this issue with the release of integrated developer tools though I don’t like how they did it in this release where the developer tools show in a separated window. It should be dockable to the bottom like firebug and the IE developer toolbar.
  3. A great thing about the developer tools, they allow you to emulate IE5, IE7 or – no emulation – IE8. That’s a real good thing for web developers who struggle to see the outcome of their work on multiple browsers.
  4. IE8B1 passed the acid2 test, but I feel it’s too slow where one sees the rendering details. I tried that with Firefox 3 beta and I didn’t see such slowliness

I haven’t installed IE8 at home yet. I need to try it more thouroughly as I think in addition to the developers features they added a couple of user friendly ones.

I also need to check Silverlight 2.0. The ease with wich one can develop a real attractive fully functional RIA using Silverlight is just amazing. Check ScottGu’s Blog posts on Silverlight 2.0 tutorials and using Blend 2.5 with them.

A feature that I wish they had was to search in history, favorites and feeds. I love the search box in vista’s start menu and the search for contacts in WL Messenger. If only they made something similar in IE8.

check these entries from IEBlog

The funny thing is, a couple of Microsoft sites that talk about IE8 don’t show well in IE8 !