Did you try Microsoft Photosynth?!
If you didn’t then please go ahead. It’s just a beautiful way of navigating through very large collections of images to the extent of building 3D models of places and scenes shot by thousands of different cameras and people.

Did you try Google/Windows Live/Yahoo maps?!
I enjoy all the zooming and panning through the maps. Maps work by loading images as we navigate where they load only the relevant pieces.

Have you ever wanted to do something similar with a large collection of images you own ?!
Navigate through a large collection of images while saving bandwidth and only loading the images you want ?!

Meet Deep Zoom.
It’s just a fascinating piece of technology that allows you to create stunning user experiences using zoom and panning.

For some example sites check the following

You should have Silverlight 2 Beta 1 runtime in order to try it.

You can give it a try and upload some pictures of yours and try it at Windows Live PhotoZoom. More on that from Liveside.net can be found here.

For developers, you can create Silverlight applications that take advantage of the Deep Zoom technology so easily

  1. Grab Deep Zoom Composer from here and check the documentation
  2. Grab the sample from Expression Blog (it’s a real cool demo).

I was thinking about posting my demo application where I used several photos for lovely Angelina Jolie but then I searched for an example and I found a whole lot of them available. So if you struggle or something just search for Deep Zoom and I’m sure you’ll get what you want easily.

Now you are ready to go.