One of my favorite programs is FolderShare. For those who don’t know, it is a small program that sits in your tray but gives you great features

  1. The ability to share certain folders – Libraries in FolderShare terminology – with any number of your friends
  2. Assign people who’re participating in your libraries different privileges like reader, contributor or editor.
  3. Synchronize different libraries across your different computers
  4. Remote Access to any of your computers’ file system.
    That’s a real cool feature. I leave my home PC online 24×7. I can so easily access its files through a real simple interface from foldershare’s website.

Microsoft bought FolderShare in 2005 and it was supposed to be integrated into Windows Live services but for the past 2 years there were no updates at all to FolderShare. That didn’t bother me, I just loved the service the way it was. Today, however, the foldershare website has been updated at last to reflect the Windows Live brand and a new client is released. It can be downloaded from here. Check WL FolderShare blog.


There are no new features yet. However, I don’t think that would last for much longer. FolderShare website and service appears to have been using PHP but the updated version, naturally, uses ASP.NET.

A couple of features I’d love to see

  1. Integration with Windows Live ID
    Sign in once, use all WL services
  2. Forget about Windows Live Messenger Sharing Folders. Do the sharing through FolderShare
  3. FolderShare + SkyDrive. That would be a real interesting story. Have SkyDrive appear  as one of my computers in FolderShare so I can store Libraries on it, share with friends from it and sync my personal folders to it. That would just be great

I’m sure integration is WL ID is coming. It’s the only logical thing to do next. Integration with messenger seems logical to me too but will they do it anytime soon ?!
I really hope someone is already exploring the FolderShare + SkyDrive integration. It will just rock.