• that keeps phones/emails
  • linked to facebook/twitter/linkedin/windows live/google/etc
  • doesnt just autoupdate its data from any of the linked accounts (it might notify me and allow me to accept changes… no behind the scene smart ass dumbness plz
  • a contact that i can tag in applications photos/calendars or whatever

I want something that represents real people!

May be just a website with profiles for people where they state their social profiles (like google profile)?
The profile is just there as a proof to the existence of that person, nothing more, nothing less. I exist!

Each and every social network want the user to use its identity everywhere (Google Connect, OpenID, Facebook Connect, Twitter Anywhere)
They all solve different problems for theirselves but none solves it for me.

I want the concept of people loud and clear… I don’t know Facebook’s Ahmed or Twitter’s Ramez, I know Ahmed and Ramez!

Will the smartphones solve this problem trying to blend all the social craziness into the phone contact?

What will happen when I switch to another smartphone, another make, another model?

it’s 2010 for god sake and I want a solution to this!

These were just the chaotic ramblings of someone falling asleep at 3 am!